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About the Library Library Staff
Erik Scherer – Teacher Librarian

Lisa Kroll – Library Assistant
Tessie Parker – Library Assistant


Welcome to the Amador library for 2021-2022!

We are here to help staff and students effectively use ideas and information.


· We have over 24,000 books, audio books, videos, DVDs, and magazines that we check out for 3 weeks to students and longer (as needed) to staff.

· The usernames and passwords to the various databases are universal:

Username: avhslibrary

Password: godons!

· We offer Facts on File (news, issues and controversies,) Galenet (biographies, opposing viewpoints, health, history, news,)  Proquest (newspapers, magazines,) SIRS (social issues,)ABC-Clio(World at War, Pop Culture Universe, World History the Modern Era) and J-Stor ( primary sources and academic articles). 

· We prefer students using their ID cards when checking out books, but they only need to have their id number if they left their IDs at home.

· We have 6 printing stations, a scanner, 22 iPads (with WeVideo online editing software) and a green screen available for your use in the library.  Scientific calculators and laptop chargers are available to be checked out for use during one class period.

· Students have access to three printers which are both located at the front desk or in the main library area. There is no charge for printing.

· We sell pencils, pens, index cards. We have colored pencils and other supplies available for use.

· Students also have access to textbooks used by all departments on campus. The textbooks are located in the front left of the library in the short bookshelves.

Please call us at (925) 461-6100 x5167 if you have any questions. 

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