About the Library Library Staff

Elizabeth Casares – Library Assistant
Lisa Kroll – Library Assistant
Erik Scherer – Teacher Librarian


Welcome to the Amador library for 2017 – 2018!

We are here to help staff and students effectively use ideas and information.

· We have over 24,000 books, audio books, videos, DVDs, and magazines that we check out for 2 weeks to students and longer (as needed) to staff.

· Students only need to have their student id number when checking out a book.

· Students find passwords to the various databases we subscribe to on page five in the student organizer.

· We have 2 LCD projectors, a laptop windows computer, tape players, a digital camera, 9 word processor machines, and slide projectors to check out.

· We have 34 Windows computers, a laminator, a copy machine (10 cents a copy), a presentation station (video projector and windows computer,) and a scanner, available for your use in the library.

· Students have access to two printers (one color and one black and white) which are both located at the front desk. Print jobs from the LaserJet are 5 cents per sheet and jobs from the color printer are 75 cents per sheet.

· We sell pencils, pens, disks and CDs.

· We offer Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, The Dictionary of American Biography, Current Biography, American Decades, The American Reference Library, Choices and Bridges (career info.).

· We offer Facts on File (news, issues and controversies,) Galenet (biographies, opposing viewpoints, health, history, news,) Groliers/Americana (encyclopedias,) Proquest (newspapers, magazines,) SIRS (social issues,) and World’s Best Poetry Online through the web. (Go to the library web page and click on the subscription resource you need. You’ll need a password at home.)

· Students also have access to textbooks used by all departments on campus. The textbooks are located in the front of the library near the copy machine.

Please call us at 5167 or 426-4481 or 5222 (Erik’s office)



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